St Winefride's Catholic Church, Holywell

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Holywell has been a place of pilgrimage since the seventh century. It is the only shrine in Britain that can show an unbroken history of pilgrimage to the present day.


The town gets its name from the shrine. “We know not when the place first began to be called Holywell, probably very soon after the Saint’s death, Father Dykes tells us that the first mention of the place in the reign of Henry the Second, about 1150, names it as Holywell; it was then but a small village, and long afterwards it grew into a town. All through the middle ages, we are told, “devotees from all parts of Christendom” were in the habit of coming to the Well, and it doubtless was an inducement for the foundation of a monastery at Basingwerk, about a mile from the site of the fountain.” (Mother Magdalen Taylor, St Winefride, or, Holywell and its Pilgrims.)


We gratefully remember all the saintly Priests who served our church and kept alive the flame of faith even during the darkest times of Reformation when catholic priesthood was considered a deadly crime. Their faith and commitment remain as a perpetual source of inspiration.


St Winefride, Pray for us

Parish Priest:        Fr Justin KaraKadu

Telephone:            01352 713181

Mobile:                  07542 268736





24th March 2020:

Following the guidelines from the Government and Catholic Bishop's council of England and Wales we will keep the church closed until further notice.


Dear Friends and Parishioners;


We are all going through a very different and difficult time at present. We hope and pray that this will soon be over and God will be more merciful to us.  Especially  as we are moving into Holy Week; with the celebration of suffering, death and resurrection of our loving Jesus, this is the time to pray and support everyone with our social responsibility. Faith is like a little lamp and God himself has put the very spark of it into our heart. During this time of “lockdown,” look for different ways that you can  share your faith with others and make the spark into a big fire.

We start our Holy Week today by celebrating  Palm Sunday, where we recall the solemn entry of Jesus on a donkey into the midst of the crowds gathered in Jerusalem.  This is not simply an entry to a town but  represents the entry of Jesus into our heart, our family, our own little town of Holywell and the whole world. Let us close our doors to corona virus and open our heart ,once again, to celebrate that entry of Jesus into our lives.            


* I will bless all the palms in today’s celebration and keep them in the church. Later when this situation changes I will make them available for everyone.

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Fr Justin Karakadu SDV



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