St Winefride's Catholic Church, Holywell

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The Union of Catholic Mothers, Wales (UCMW)


Undeb Mamau Catholig Cymru            Love in Action


Aims and Objects of the Organisation


1. To help Catholic/Christian women to appreciate the Sacramental character, responsibilities and permanence of marriage and to live in unselfish love, observing God’s law.


2. To assist them in bringing up their children as practising Catholics/Christians and public spirited citizens.


3. To teach and defend Christian values in family life and to ensure for their children Catholic/Christian education.


4. To offer love, sympathy and practical help to the family in difficulty.


5. To foster vocations to life especially in Christian Marriage and family life and in the Priesthood and Religious life.


6. To support the Parish and the Parish Priest with any help deemed necessary.


Who Are We?


UCMW is a lay organisation of Catholic and Christian women whose aims and objects allow its members to develop all aspects of their Faith, they support Families, Parish church and the Parish Priest. Their area of work expands even beyond the boundaries of the parish as they have representations in the National Board of Catholic Women, CAFOD, Catholic Women of the Year, Family Life Commission, World Union of Catholic Women’s Organizations, Catholic Grandparents’ Association, etc. in order to ensure that their voices are heard on national and international levels.


What We Do?


Make friends and find opportunities to help others in practical ways.

Help with Parish events bringing people together.

Fundraise and work for Parish, and also for local and international charities.

Serving with cheerfulness enjoying social events together, and working with a united voice that can make a difference.



St Margaret Clitherow, Our Heavenly Patroness


St Margaret Clitherow is the Patron Saint of the UCM Wales. She was born at York and was the wife of a butcher of that city. She was arrested in 1586 and was found guilty of harbouring priests. She was pressed to death because she refused to plead before the court. “If my God’s Priests dare venture themselves into my house” she declared “I will never refuse them.”


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